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Florida_I-95_from_Lantana_Road_overpass-1024x768If you’ve been on a drive through our beautiful Sunshine State in the last year, you may have spotted something among the palms and coastal views: signs and billboards featuring the words “Arrive Alive”. The Arrive Alive campaign was introduced shortly after the end of 2016, the year that highlighted Florida as one of the worst in the nation for traffic deaths.

We know that Florida has never been a stranger to traffic incidents, seeing as it’s a place that millions call home and thousands more move to each year. But because of the steadily-rising population and Florida’s unique geography accidents have been steadily rising and turning deadlier each day as we reach mid-2017.

It’s important to know just why these incidents are occurring more frequently and to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming victims of an accident. Read on for more.

Although teens have historically been known for having the highest percentage of accidents in their age group, as motorists they share all the rights of older drivers. The involvement of teens in auto accidents does not automatically mean they are at fault. If your teen has been in an auto accident, it may be in his or her best interest to speak with an attorney immediately.

Many attorneys will recommend that your teen write down as much as he or she can remember about the accident while it is still fresh on the mind. Although it may have been an upsetting incident, having the event written down may help later if the other driver tries to sue over the accident.

This can also be useful if the court determines that the other driver was at fault for the car accident, and your teenager’s insurance is not enough to cover the medical bills for his or her injuries. The other driver’s insurance company may require a statement which they will review and may try to find loopholes in to keep from paying for additional medical care.